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Chapter Ten Images

African American Household
Aiken Colonial Store
Aiken Thick Shakes Photo
Atomic Museum
Augusta Street Scene Photo
Barnwell School Photo
Barnwell Street Scene
Barracks Exterior Photo
Cities on Wheels
Clemson - Thurmond Photo
Collard Field Photo
Community Chest Photo
Dining Hall with Men Photo
Distribution of Federal Aid
Distribution of Federal Aid Legend
Do It Themselves Article
Do It Yourselves Photo
Employment Waiting Room Photo
Fire Fighting Photo
Gross Morton Floor Plan
Gross Morton Photo
Housing Development 1
Housing Development 2
Housing Development 3
Housing Development 4
Housing Development 5
Housing Development 6
Housing Development 8
Ice House to Nice House Photo
If You Had A Choice
Jackson Depot Photo
Jackson Police Photo
Kelly School
McClain House Front
McClain House After
Men's Dormitory Photo
North Augusta Bank
North Augusta Bridge
North Augusta Street Church
New Ellenton Photo
President Richard Nixon Photo
Oakridge Community House
Old Couple Trailer Photo
Parr Pamphlet
Pattern for Atomic Progress
Railroad Photo
Student Tour Dressed Down Photo
Student Tour Dressed Up Photo
Out of State Tags Photo
Tent Living Photo
Trailer Plan
Williston Cars For Sale Photo

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