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Fiftieth History Volume Images
A collection of images from the book, Savannah River Site at Fifty, chronicling the development of the Savannah River Site through the years.

Part One - The Big Picture: Science, Politics, and Rhetoric
Chapter One - Chapter Three:
Nuclear Awakening, World War II and the Manhattan Project, The Cold War and the Early Atomic Energy Commission (1945 - 1950)

Part Two - Savannah River Project (1950 - 1956)
Chapter Four - Chapter Seven:
The Large - Scale Gamble, Like Picking Babe Ruth in His Prime, Boomers, Boosters, and Economic Statesmen, Site Selection
Chapter Eight: Changing Identity
Chapter Nine: One Mighty Force
Chapter Ten: Transformations

Part Three - Savannah River Plant (1953 - 1979)

Chapter Eleven: Startup and First Years in Operation (1953 - 1963)
Chapter Twelve: Heavy - Water Production
Chapter Thirteen: Reactors, Fuels, and Power Ascension (1955 - 1963)
Chapter Fourteen: Separations and Waste Management
Chapter Fifteen: Savannah River Laboratory
Chapter Sixteen: The Middle Years (1964 - 1979)

Part Four - Environmental Impact
Chapter Seventeen: Early Stewardship
Chapter Eighteen: Rise of Environmentalism and Its Impact on Savannah River

Part Five - Transition to Savannah River Site (1980 - 2000)
Chapter Nineteen: Transition
Chapter Twenty: Savannah River Site at Fifty: Stewardship and Legacy

For more information on the book itself, Savannah River Site at Fifty,
please visit the CNTA website here, or the SRS website, here.

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